Richmond Hill Primary School

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17th August 18
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Our Vision Statement


Richmond Hill Primary School promotes high achievement and life-long learning by working as a community to:-

*Develop and promote a sense of self worth, esteem and image in order for us to make informed choices. 
*Empower children to have enquiring minds, positive, well-motivated, self-disciplined attitudes with the skills to achieve their full potential.
*Develop high standards in order that our children are literate and numerate and confident and competent users of technology. 
*Be creative, imaginative thinkers who are confident risk takers and problem solvers.
*To adopt the skills needed to work collaboratively and as independent learners. 
*Recognise the importance of our community and their value within it and have respect, understanding and acceptance for others in the worldwide community.
*Be kind, caring, considerate, feeling people.
*Widen our horizons and be ambitious people. 
*Learn from our strengths and challenges and adapt to change.
*Adopt a positive approach towards a healthy lifestyle.