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17th August 18
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We are all really excited in Year One to be taking part in the U-dance festival this year. We have already had 2 sessions with our choreographer and are working hard in our P.E lessons to perfect our routine! We are so proud of how well children in Year One are using their perseverance, collaboration and listening skills to help them be the best dancers they can be! Keep an eye out for photographs of our rehearsals coming soon.

Super Vegetables!


In Year One, we love the story of Supertato. In fact, we love it so much that we decided to make our own super vegetables. We used our Design Technology and Art skills to model our vegetables then describe them to the rest of the class.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year

Our topic this term is Superhero's and all curriculum activies will be based around this theme e.g. exploring the oceans, making superhero masks and learning about our superheros from history.


Children in Year One will be continuing to work on their writing by using the story 'Supertato' by Sue Kendra as a stimulus for writing their own adventure story. Children will be trying hard to remember full stops, capital letters and finger spaces, as well as learning new powerful vocabulary to make their stories exciting!


In Maths, children will be learning about place value, how to use and apply knowledge of number, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Also, we will learn about shapes and measurement.



We are having a big focus on being Superher Readers this term. We are looking for helpful volunteers that could come and help us listen to the children read. If anyone might be able to support us with this please come and contact me, it will be greatly appreciated.


I have been been very impressed with the hard work that the children have been doing since they returned after Christmas. It's wonderful to see them flourishing into confident, brave learners and I'm excited to see how they progress in the term ahead.


Miss. Banks

Autumn 2017


Welcome to Year 1!

The children have had a fantastic start to the new academic year by showing us how enthusiastic and conscientious they are about their learning!

Our topic this term is ‘All About Me’ and the children will be learning all about their bodies and how they work. In Art, they will be making self-portraits and in Design Technology they will be learning how to model materials to plan and make a photo frame. In History, children will be thinking about how they have grown over time and will learn about timelines.

Throughout the term, children will also be working hard to develop their skills in Computing, P.E and Music.


P.E will be on a Wednesday and a Friday.


Reading regularly at home helps to cultivate a love of reading and develops confidence. As well as reading daily with your children at home, please encourage your child to read things in daily life such as signs, posters and leaflets. We will read everyday at school, encouraging children to read in groups, individually to adults and also independently.

To support children with their reading and writing, weekly spelling homework will be sent home and children will be assessed on these spellings the following week.

Here is a link to a phonics website with lots of engaging games that will support your child with their phonics learning:


As well as daily maths lessons at school, at home you can help by encouraging children to accurately count objects in daily life e.g. plates, cutlery, pairs of socks, items in a shopping basket. This extra practice will really support their learning in school.

Children will receive a piece of maths homework each week that will link to their most recent learning. This will give them the opportunity to practice this skill and also share what they have been doing with their parents/carers.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to come and ask at the door, or contact me via the class Dojo system.

Miss. Banks 

The Lake District Wildlife Park


Well done to Year 1 who were fantastic on their trip to The Lake District Wildlife Park (Trotters). The children saw a large range of animals to support our Topic work. The children enjoyed the Bird of Prey and reptile encounters. We also fed the Meerkats some wiggly worms!

Egg Dump


Year 1 enjoyed their class egg dump to see who would qualify for the school finals



Year 1 enjoyed their cricket lesson. The children looked at bowling the ball. Well done. 



Year 1 and Year 2 have cricket this term with out of school coaches. Today Year 1 concentrated on hitting the ball and holding the bat correctly. Well done.

Acting out our Beegu story


The children enjoyed a different approach to Literacy acting out their story using a story map which help them remember the story structure and extend their sentences. Some super writing followed. Well done Year 1!

The children are really good at Hula-Hooping.

Happy Valentine's Day


In Year 1 we enjoyed wearing something red or pink and making cards for someone special. The children also decorated a cake which was consumed before they left the building.

Building a Rocket for Beegu


The children built some fantastic rockets and flying saucers to help beegu fly home. More pictures to follow. The children wrote some fantastic instructions to go along side their rocket designs.

Alien Crash Landing


An Alien Spaceship has crash-landed into our flower bed. What could they want? What do they look like? Why Richmond Hill?

The Year 1 children have explored the crash site and found some mysterious footprints. Later in the morning Beegu (The Alien) played with the children at break time. Can you spot Beegu in the pictures?

Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates


This term we are using Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates as a Literacy stimulus. This week the children have acted out parts of the book to brig the book to life. Please see the following clip.

Science Week


The children enjoyed investigating materials and carrying out experiments.

Term Overview


Welcome back. I hope the children are refreshed and ready to go in our lead up to Christmas.

This term in Topic we’ve looked at Super Heroes and how people help us, which will be used as a cross-curricular stimulus.

In Numeracy the children will work on the following:

Place value of number

Number recognition and formation

Adding and subtracting

Money and time

Measures and shape

Doubling and halving

In Literacy we will look at writing gruesome recipes based on ‘beware of boys’ to complement Halloween. Our Power of Reading text for this term is: ‘Mungo and The Picture Book Pirates.’ From the above we will cover a range of writing including: descriptive writing, narrative writing and Non-Chronological Reports.

During author week we will focus on Roald Dahl.



Homework will be sent out on a Friday with the deadline of the following Thursday. Homework is there to support the learning which has taken place that week. Children should continue to read at home using their phonics knowledge to sound out unfamiliar words.



In literacy year one have been looking at a power of reading text called 'Beegu'. The children have really enjoyed this book and have produced some fantastic work based around this story. The children have also designed Beegu's planet and made their own Beegu out of clay.

Art Week


Year 1 have really enjoyed art week at school.
Take a look at some of the activities we did duing the week.



In literacy year 1 have really enjoyed learning about instructions. Children have learned what instructions are, why we use them, where we might find them, features of instructions and finally the children wrote their own instructions on how to make a sandwich. After children had wrote their instructions they followed their instructions to make a sandwich. Take a look at the children making their sandwich.

Carlisle Military museum


Year 1 had a great day visiting Carlisle Military museum today. They enjoyed learning about WW1 and handling items during the taught session. We then had the opportunity to explore the museum and complete a range of activities.

Year 1 trip to The Lake District Wildlife Park


Year 1 had a fantastic trip to The Lake District Wildlife Park on Thursday 14th April. They had a great day looking for and learning about the variety of animals at the park. 

Egg Dump


Easter Nests


Year 1 really enjoyed making an Easter nest each this week to help us celebrate Easter. This week we have completed a variety of activities including learning about the Easter story and making an Easter card. Happy Easter from Year 1.

World Book Day


All the children looked fantastic today in their world book day costumes. We had a great day discussing our favourite books and writing about why they are our favourite books.

Story teller


Today Emily Hennessey a fantastic story teller came into our class to share stories from around the world with us. Emily tells stories from Indian Epics to African Trickster Tales to Greek Mythology and British folktales. Year 1 really enjoyed listening carefully to the stories and joining in. We listened to two stories they were 'Stone Soup' and 'How the sea became salty'.

Cricket session


Pancake day in Year 1


We have had a very exciting day in Year 1 celebrating Pancake Day. In the morning children enjoyed writing a description about their perfect pancake. The children wrote about lots of different ingredients to decorate their pancakes. In the afternoon the children enjoyed making their own pancakes using a range of tasty ingredients.They were a big hit and the children soon ate them up.

Drama session


We have also had another fantastic visitor in this week who carried out a drama session with year 1. All of year 1 really enjoyed the fun drama workshop with drama coach Becky. All children were brilliant carrying out the different role play tasks and having lots of fun. Well done! 

Story teller


This week year 1 have been very lucky as we had a special visitor come into our class to work with us. We all really enjoyed story teller Ian coming to work with us and tell us a fantastic story about a soldier. All of year 1 were fantastic participants and enjoyed the practical activities during the session. 

Comparing weight


This week in numeracy year 1 have been learning about weight. All children have really enjoyed comparing weights and discussing which objects are the lightest and which are the heaviest. We have used the scales to weigh a variety of objects.  

Spring Term


Welcome back I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Here is a quick overview of what the children will be learning this term.

Numeracy - children will be continuing to develop their mathematic skills this term, we will be looking at: addition, subtraction, sequences, money, weight, time, counting, doubles, halves and data.

Literacy - this term we will be covering the text types poetry, instructions, stories with repeating patterns and non-fiction texts.

Topic - Where do the leaves go in winter? Weather, seasons, hot and cold places.
           Would the Beatles have won the X factor? Famous and significant people.

Science - Seasons and animals including humans.

ICT - Coding

Art - Textiles

RE - Christianity, the Bible and morals.

PE - Dance and bat and ball games.

Christmas Performance


Well done to year 1 and year 2 for their Christmas performance of 'Sugar Plum'. Everybody was fantastic and worked extremely hard.

Pyjama Drama


Nursery, reception, year 1 and year 2 enjoyed a fantastic performance by Pyjama Drama today. All the children joined in and thouroughly enjoyed the session. Well done to all the children.

Street dance


Year 1 had a fantastic time learning how to street dance. They thoroughly enjoyed learning new moves during our street dance workshop. The children learned a new routine and then the boys and girls had a dance off, both groups were amazing.

Christmas craft afternoon


Year 1 had a fantastic afternoon making a variety of Christmas crafts with staff and parents. All the children enjoyed the festive afternoon and are very pleased with their Christmas decorations.

Athlete visit


On Tuesday we welcomed a gymnast into our school who carried out sporting activities with each class. Well done to all the children who took part and to everyone who helped to raise a brilliant amount of money.

Film festival


As a part of the UK annual film festival year 1 and year 2 had the fantastic opportunity to go and watch Cinderella at the local cinema. The theme of the film was 'courage and kindness'. We will be following on from our visit to the cinema by looking at traditional tales in class during our literacy work. The children really enjoyed the film and have worked really hard during literacy and the follow up activities.

Children In Need


Thank you to all the children who dressed up and brought donations to support Children In Need. 

WWW1 week


On Monday we welcomed the author Robert John Bullock into our school. He came to join us for a lesson during our whole school focus on WW1. This week all the children have really enjoyed learning about WW1 and have shown a great understanding. This week we have wrote letters pretending to be a soldier in the trenches, researched facts, made poppy reefs and learned why this is such an important symbol. 

Here are some photos of the children completing and sharing their fantastic WWW1 stories when Robert Bullock joined us. 

Curry dinner day


Year 1 really enjoyed having their parents join them for lunch in the hall during our Indian lunch day. Both parents and children enjoyed sharing the experience together. Children had the choice of a rage of Indian dishes.

Toys from the past - topic


Our topic this half term is toys from the past. Children have enjoyed learning about old and new toys, comparing toys and describing their favourite toys. In art children have also sketched and painted toys.

Take a look!

Telling the time


This week in year 1 we have been learning to tell the time in our maths lessons. We are fantastic at this and can tell the time to o'clock and half past. We keep telling Miss Airey the time throughout the day.

Take a look at us making times on our little clocks.

We love to read


In year 1 we give children lots of opportunities to enjoy and share books throughout the day. Children are encouraged to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to widen their understanding of text types. This morning children enjoyed our open reading morning where children had the opportunity to share books and complete activities with parents and teaching staff.

Macmillan - juice and a cake for year 1


In year 1 we had our own juice and a cake to take part in the Macmillan coffee morning to help raise money and show our support. As a school and community we raised over £500 for cancer research. Take a look at the children enjoying their juice and a cake together.

Beebot workshop


Today year 1 took part in a fantastic interactive beebot workshop. All children had the opportunity to programme a beebot to make it move in different directions. The children had to listen very carefully to instructions and handle the beebots with care. The beebot workshop was ran by STEM Cumbria.


Read Write Inc workshop


Reception and year 1 parents are invited into school on Friday 9th October to take part in a Read Write Inc workshop. Parents will have the opportunity to gain a further understanding of the phonics programme we follow at Richmond Hill. We will be presenting a short presentation and answering any questions which you have. Please join us at 2.30pm.

Class Dojo


This year in class your children will be introduced to the reward system called class dojo. Children will be rewarded for certain behaviours and achievements throughout the year. These are called positive dojos. Children can also receive negative dojos for behaviours which are not acceptable such as not listening, off task or hurting another child. This will result in a child losing a dojo point. Dojos are reset every term. 

Children will receive prizes as they reach a certain number of dojos over the year. Prizes include; sweets, chocolate bars, pencils, rubbers etc

I will send home log in details with the children. Please feel free to message me on class dojo regarding any issues or questions you would like to ask. 

Year 1 2015/2016 : Word file (70.1k)

Welcome to year 1 

Our aim is to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage One. The Year 1 curriculum builds upon and extends the experiences that children have had in Reception. Learning through play will continue to be an important part of the school day, and the children will gradually be eased into more formal learning as the year goes on so that they remain motivated, enthused and eager learners.

Here is an overview of the expectations for year 1


•       Count to and across 100, forwards & backwards from any number.

•       Read and write numbers to 20 in numerals & words.

•       Read and write numbers to 100 in numerals.

•       Say 1 more/1 less to 100.

•       Count in multiples of 2, 5 & 10.

•       Use bonds and subtraction facts to 20.

•       Add & subtract:

o    1 digit & 2 digit numbers to 20, including zero.

•       Solve one-step multiplication and division using objects, pictorial representation and arrays.

•       Recognise half and quarter of object, shape or quantity.

•       Sequence events in chronological order.

•       Use language of day, week, month and year.

•       Tell time to hour & half past.


•       Use ‘and’ to join ideas.

•       Use conjunctions to join sentences (e.g. so, but).

•       Use standard forms of verbs, e.g. go/went.

•       Introduce use of:

o    capital letters

o    full stops

o    question marks

o    exclamation marks

•       Use capital letters for names and personal pronoun ‘I’.

•       Write a sequence of sentences to form a short narrative [as introduction to paragraphs].

•       Use correct formation of lower case – finishing in right place.

•       Use correct formation of capital letters.


•       Write clearly demarcated sentences. 


•      Identify which words appear again and again.

•      Recognise and join in with predictable phrases.

•      Relate reading to own experiences.

•      Re-read if reading does not make sense.

•      Re-tell with considerable accuracy.

•      Discuss significance of title and events.

•      Make predictions on basis of what has been read.

•      Make inferences on basis of what is being said and done.

•      Read aloud with pace and expression, i.e. pause at full stop; raise voice for question.

•      Recognise:

o   capital letters

o   full stops

o   question marks

o   exclamation marks

o   ellipsis

•      Know why the writer has used the above punctuation in a text.


•      Know difference between fiction and non-fiction texts.

Autumn Term history/geography
To begin with we will be looking at toys from the past. This will help us answer the question why is the wii more fun than grandma and granddads old toys? We will be comparing toys from the past and present, using phrases to describe time, putting objects in chronological order, asking and answering questions. Once this unit is completed we will move on to answer the question where do the leaves go in winter? This learning challenge will allow children to link their science and topic learning. Children will be able to explain how the weather changes and describe features of hot and cold places. 

Autumn term science
Our first unit of science this year is materials and we will be answering the question which materials should the 3 little pigs have used to build their house? This will allow us to look and learn about a range of materials including their properties. We will then move onto the unit seasonal changes. We will be looking to answer the question why does it get dark earlier in winter? Children will learn a lot of information about our four seasons

Please find attached an event overview for the year. 

Road Safety

Posted: 14th Jul 2015

Today Year 1 took part in a road safety session. A special visitor came in from pyjama drama to help children think about why it is important to stay safe when near the road. All the children had lots of fun completing different drama activities and playing games.

PCSO visit


In topic we have been learning about brave people. Year 1 have learnt about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Collumbus. Today we had a very special visitor from the PCSO who came to talk to us about his job. We had lots of questions to ask him and he answered all of them. Year 1 would like to say a huge thank you.

World Book Day


On Thursday the 5th March we celebrated world book day. Children came to school dressed up as chracters from their favourite books. Children also brought in their favourite book to share with the rest of the class. In class we made our own books and created a poster about our favourite books.

In the afternoon we watched a video link from England footbller and author Frank Lampard. 



Today we had our first dance session for Udance. Take a look at us pretending to be seeds, the rain, the sun and a plant. We had lots of fun sharing our ideas and dancing to the music. 

Welcome to year 1 here is a overview of what is happening this term.

In topic we have completed our toys from the past unit of work and are now moving on to our learning focus 'where do and did the wheels on the bus go?' this allows us to look at our local area and look at the countries which make up the UK.

In science we have finshed our materials topic and are now learning about plants. 
Chidren will be learning: to name the parts of a plant; identify and name a range of common plants and trees; recognise deciduous and evergreen trees; name the parts of a tree and describe the parts of a plant (roots, stem, leaves, and flowers).

In numeracy our focus this term is addition and subtraction. We are also learning a wide range of mathematic skills including doubling, finding halves and quatres of shapes, counting in 10s, measuring, o'clock and recognising coins. 

In literacy we are currently looking at poems and writing our own. 

The children are also working towards the Christmas Nativity 'Baubles' learning lots of new songs. 


Children in need

Posted: 14th Nov 2014

To raise money for children in need we dressed up as superheroes. We had superman, super girl, flash, green lantern, army boy and police boy as well as many other heroes.

Take a look at us in our hero costumes.

Floating and sinking


In science we have been learning about materials. We can all name a range of materials and have looked at the different properties which materials have. Today in science we carried out an experiment to see which objects would float and which would sink.

Take a look at our experiment.

Tullie House


We all had a fantastic day visiting Tullie house on our first year 1 school trip of the year. When we arrived at Tullie house we all explored the museum and looked at the interesting exhibitions on display. After lunch we had our toys and games session where children built on their learning from school and had the opportunity to handle a variety of toys from the past. During the session children took part in four different activities; outdoor toys, moving toys, role play/dress up and making a toy. All children really enjoyed the day were excited to see the old toys we have discussed and learned about during our topic lessons.

Take a look at what we got up to at Tullie house!

Visit to Silloth and Allonby


The children had a fantastic time yesterday on our trip. The Lightboat Centre was amazing. Very well organised and lots of information. The children were very well behaved throughout. We enjoyed our lunch in the gazebo (due to the change in weather) and admired the lovely views.

After a short walk taking in the views of the period buildings and cobblestone roads, we were back on the bus to Allonby. Although the weather wasn't good, the children still enjoyed their ice-cream and a walk along the beach.

To finish of the day the children enjoyed a play on the park.