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17th August 18
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Year 4 reading challenge


Today in Year 4 we have started our new reading challenge to earn rewards for scoring 100% on accelerated reader quizzes. We have a lottery wheel displayed in class which we are aiming to fill full of lottery balls. Each time a child scores 100% on a quiz they get a 100% ball and stick it onto our lottery machine. Each time we reach one of the prize lines children will be rewarded with a class treat. Once we have filled the wheel all the balls will be pulled off and put into a pot where one will be pulled at random for a special individual prize.

Freddy Fit


The whole school had a great time with Freddy Fit who came in to demonstrate a range of ways to keep fit. We enjoyed learning a range of new skills and completing some tricky challenges together. We look forward to bringing some of these new skills into our PE lessons.

Senhouse Roman Museum


This half term for our topic work about the Romans we visited the Senhouse Roman museum in Maryport. The children took part in a range of fascinating activities and learned lots of new interesting facts. Children had the opportunity to handle real life artefacts as ell as climb to the top of the watch tower.



This half term Year 4 are now taking part in some tennis sessions. Take a look at the children enjoying their first session.



Year 4 had a brilliant day taking part in lots of Halloween activities and crafts finished off with a fun game of stand up bingo. Take a look at what we got up to.

Cricket sessions


Year 4 thoroughy enjoyed thier cricket sessions this term with our cricket coach John. Over the 7 weeks all the children developed their cricket skills and really enjoyed themselves.

The Romans : Adobe Acrobat file (294.7k)

This year our first topic is the Romans. The children have already made a super start to this topic and are extremely keen to find out more. Please find attached a copy of the complete topic overview and what we will be covering this term.

Year 4 2017/2018 :  file (161.3k)

Welcome back to Year 4! I hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for an exciting year ahead. Please find attached a copy of the Year 4 curriculum and the areas in which we will be covering this year.

Our three topics this year are:
Autumn term - Romans

Spring term - Ancient Egyptians

Summer term - Countries of the world

The Digestive System


We are learning about the digestive system.  We drew this on t-shirts and labelled the different parts including the oesophagus, stomach and small and large intestines.

Science investigation on tooth decay


Last week Year 4 carried out an experiment to investigate tooth decay. We used eggs and placed them into four different drinks. Throughout the week we monitored the effect the different liquids had on the shell, the children were very surprised by the results.

Graffiti Maths

Posted: 22nd May 2017

As part of our Maths week, Year 4 took part in a Graffiti Maths challenge.  They had to work out numerous word problems, either working collaborately with a partner or on their own.

Senhouse Roman Museum


Year 4 have been to visit Senhouse Roman Museum as part of our topic work this term. We found out lots of information by taking part in a variety of activities, during which the class had lots of fun dressing up as either a Roman or a Celt. We also visited the exhibition where children had a quiz to complete. Children then went outside to the top of the tower to see where the Roman fort used to be in Maryport. Our final activity for the day involved clay where all children had the opportunity to make a Roman item of their choice out of clay. We all had a fantastic day!

World Book Day 2017


This year for World Book Day all children had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character. In Year 4 we also took part in a book day quiz where all children competed against each other, well done to the winning team! They were also set the challenge of creating a character from a range of materials and a potato.

Completed Roman Shields


Year 4 have worked extremely hard this half term on their own individual Roman shields and here are the completed models. Well done everyone!

Valentines Day


Year 4 enjoyed their Valentines themed activities today. Each child had the opportunity to make a card, decorate a cake, complete an acrostic poem, make a Valentines themed paper chain as well as some colouring in tasks. All children had a super day.

Pebble in my pocket drama


Take a look at Year 4 creating some freeze frames based on a dinosaur scene from our class story 'Pebble in my pocket'.


Posted: 10th Feb 2017

In design and technology this term, Year 4 have been researching the different patterns that the Romans had on their shields and what each of these meant.  They have used these to then design their own.  They have today been copying these onto card which will then be painted in their chosen colours to complete their shield.

Spring Term  : Word file (449.5k)

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed the holidays. In Year 4 we have got a super Spring term to look forward to with lots of exciting lessons and activities planned. This term our new topic is 'The Romans' and the children are already very excited and eager to start this unit of work.

Take a look at the attached overview for this Spring term.

Children in need 2016


We were all very lucky this week as we had a visit from Pudsey Bear who came to our school for a special visit. Year 4 all looked very 'spotacular' in various spotty outfits. Throughout the day we had a special assembly, completed activities and decorated a cake to make it spotty. As a school we raised a grand total of £212. Well done to everyone who donated.

Roald Dahl Week


This week the whole school took part in a themed author week. Each class looked at Roald Dahl, in year 4 we chose to look at 'The Magic Finger'. All children planned and wrote their own version of this story. These stories are in our reading area the rest of the class to read and enjoy. 

Halloween 2016


This Halloween Year 4 were set a challenge to make a skeleton. They were each given a set amount of resources they could use but were not given any instructions to follow. The children had to persevere and collaborate to complete. All children were successful and made a variety of skeleton pictures. Well done Year 4.



Here are some photos of Year 4 taking part in a coached tennis session.

Local history week


This week the whole school has taken part in a local history week focusing on our local area. Children have really enjoyed learning about Aspatria and finding out facts. For our first activity children had a variety of old pictures of Aspatria and they had to try and work out what the picture was of and if it is still here today. Next children had to find out interesting facts about Sir Wilfrid Lawson and the area surrounding the monument. Finally children had to research Sheila Fell and find out about her life. Children thoroughly enjoyed learning about someone from Aspatria. We will also be taking inspiration from her artwork and completing our own.

Welcome to Year 4  : Word file (229.4k)

Welcome back after the summer holidays. We have got an exciting term ahead with lots of activities and topics planned. Our first topic this year is looking into Cumbria and answering the question why is Cumbria such a cool place to live? Here is a copy of the Year 4 Autumn overview.

Super Heroes Cash4Kids


Well done to all the children who donated and well done to all the children who dressed up as a super hero for the day.

Tennis Allerdale Final


Well done to the Year 4 Tennis Team who represented the school at the Allerdale Tennis Finals in Workington. We finished third overall, winning 8 of our 16 games. Unfortunately only the top two teams move forward to the Cumbria Finals. All payers performed well and should be proud of their achievements.

Well done! 

 :  file (4515.9k)

Jambo Bwana (Swahili)


In Literacy, Year 4 have learnt an African song in Swahili. The children have been looking at African tales and researching the culturally diverse continent. Please enjoy!



Year 4 enjoyed their topic starter trip to the Roman Fort of Vindolanda. The children met an archologists before exploring the Roman Fort. After lunch children visited the Roman Museum to look at a range of excavated artifacts from the actual site and from across The Roman Empire.

Hawes End Residential


Here are some photos from our Year 3 and Year 4 residential. The children enjoyed a selection of activities from canoeing, ghyll scrambling, orienteering, archery and problem solving. The children overcame fears and work well as a team during each activity. It was a pleasure to take the learning outside of the classroom giving the children a valued experience.



Well done to the mixed Year 3 and Year 4 teams who took part in the football competition at Netherhall School. Both teams played well in tough conditions, with high spirits. 



Year 3 and Year 4 represented the school, participating in a hockey competition at Beacon Hill. Year 3 who came first and Year 4 came third. Well done to all. It was a very windy afternoon but everyones' spirits remained high.

Sports for Champions


Year 4 received a trophie for raising the most sponsorship money for the school. A big thank you to all the children and well done!

Christmas Crafts Afternoon


A big thank you to all the puplis and parents for a lovely Christmas Craft Afternoon. The children made some: oreo snowmen, tinsel bracelets, finger print Christmas trees, advent calendars and some very tricky robins. 

Robert Bullock Childrens' Author


The class enjoyed an insprational afternoon with local author Robert Bullock. The children planned and performed a radio story based on the first bombing raid on Britain in WW1. 



Year 4 enjoyed their tennis lesson, focusing on forehand shots.

Newcastle Sight Seeing Bus Tour


Why is Newcastle such a cool place to live?

Newcastle Great North Museum


The children had a fantastic afternoon looking around all the exhibits on offer from Local Habitats to Roman Britain. The children even looked into a mummies sarcophagus and discovered the gruesome business of mummification. 

Virtually Live Mr & Mrs Twit


The children enjoyed a step by step webinar, drawing Mr & Mrs Twit.  Have a look at the drawings above.

Oompa Loompa


In Literacy this week we've taken inspiration from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, producing our own Oompa Loompa songs.

The children worked in small groups to write a message of warning in the song lyrics. Songs focused on Electrical Safety and Cycling Safety.

Bright Sparks (Electricity Safety & Science Day)


The children had a great insight into the world of electricity. Tasks involved: identifying symbols, designing a circuit, becoming an electrical engineer, adjusting brightness of bulbs through variable resistors and finishing by highlighting conductors and insulators.

This was a great experience enjoyed by all.

Welcome to Year 4


A fantastic start to year 4! All the children have returned to school with a brilliant attitude towards their own learning. Well done! (A better photo to follow)

Maths is FUN!


This term, all parents were invited into school to take part in a whole school maths trail. We all had lots of fun and the parents loved it!! Check out our facebook page to see some of our photographs! Well done to all who took part. 

Science  :  file (1765.1k)

As part of our topic, year 4 investigated the effect of different drinks on the enamel of teeth. It was a very serious investigation but also very fun. It was hilarious watching everyone taking a big sniff of the liquid after a week! I think we all agreed that milk had an horrendous smell! Check out our Facebook for more photographs. 

Bike Abilty  :  file (2379.4k)

This term, year 4 took part in bike ability. Neil the instructor said, 'Their behaviour and manners were exceptional!' We are all extremely proud and impressed - they all passed and it was lovely to hear a visitor comment on something we see everyday. Well done!!! Check out facebook for more photographs! 

Welcome to Mrs Maxwell and Mrs McAlone's class


For the rest of this term we will be looking at what children did after school 100 years ago and how this was linked to WW1. We will also be reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo to shed some light on this topic. We will be continuing our work about the city of Liverpool too and linking our DT and art work to these history and geography projects.

Homework Timetable


Literacy homework will usually be given out every Wednesday by Mrs Maxwell to be handed in the following Monday each week. Spellings will also be given out on a Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday so that the children have a full week to learn them. Dojo points are given for full marks on spelling tests. You can download this week's spellings and homework if they get lost. Children should know which group they are in for spellings. Numeracy homework will usually be given out on a Friday by Mrs McAlone to be handed in on a Wednesday.

Mrs Maxwell gives out literacy homework every Wednesday to be handed in the following Monday, when it will be marked with the children. If children do not hand their homework in on time on a Monday they will lose a Dojo point for being unprepared.

Mrs Maxwell's homework is given out in plastic wallets. Children will also lose a Dojo point if they do not bring these in on a Wednesday, for the next lot of homework to be put in, and taken home in.

Mrs McAlone will contunue to give homework out in the purple homework books.

Spellings :  file (17.5k)

Spelling tests take part every week on a Wednesday. The class are given their words to learn each week on a Wednesday too so that they have a full week to learn them.

Felt Poppies


Last term, to mark the centenary of WW1, we invited a textile artist into school to help us make some poppy brooches which we sold in school. We also donated our profits to the British legion charity to support the families of our solidiers.

We really enjoyed working with the artist and everyone in the class worked hard to produce a beautiful piece of art. It was very fiddly and tricky to do but it was worth taking our time - as you can see from the pictures below. Also thanks to family and friends who came in to support us with this task over several weeks. 

Tag Rugby Coaching


This half term we have had tag rugby coaching from Keith Robinson from Newcastle Falcons. The children have enjoyed his visits as he has also done some rugby themed maths with them. The children also had the opporunity to produce a homework project based on a rugby club of their choice. These were very impressive and the children put lots of effort into them. The best projects were chosen to be presented in an assembly. Here are some pictures of our tag training sessions.