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17th August 18
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Autumn 2 - Why do Squirrels hide their nuts?


Reception's topic theme poses a very interesting question -

Why do Squirrels hide their nuts?

The children loved watching the advert from John Lewis 2013. This created a promt for our circle time work to begin this topic.

Over the week leading to Christmas, the children will be exploring the weather and the impact this has on animals.

We will be reading books that touch on the theme of Hibination such as 'The Bear in the Cave' and 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', both by Micheal Rosen. We will also be out on the feild continuing our Welly Wenesday work in Forest Schools. 

In literacy the children will be using "talk for writing" strategies to support thier writing skills, developing an alternitve version of the Bear hunt story.

Talk for Writing


Talk for Writing, developed by Pie Corbett, supported by Julia Strong, is powerful because it is based on the principles of how children learn. It is powerful because it enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it and then writing their own version. 

This term Reception have been exploring the book 'Biscuit Bear' By Mini Grey. Here are some of the activities we have been using to develop an understanding of what we read and how we enahce our writing skills.

Autumn Reception Class Newsletter


Please find attached our class newslettter, which also includes some important dates for your diary.

Reception 2017-18 Curriculum


Please find attached:

  • Our curriculum overview for the year
  • Autumn 1 topic planner
  • Starting Reception info
  • Read Write Inc info


Reception Class of 2017

Should Goldilocks say sorry? (Summer 1 Reception)


The children are so excited today as when they've came into school we think we've had an intruder! Reception are convinced that Goldilocks and the three bears have been in whilst we haven't been at school.

They've left their porridge bowls behind as evidence. We've started to write police reports about the incident and have verbally reported what we think might have happened. The children have listened out for them and have searched for other pieces of evidence, the investigation continues........

Minibeast topic (Reception, Spring 2)


The children have absolutely loved our topic this last half term on Minibeasts. We've done lots of craft activities related to the topic. Cutting, sticking and painting pictures and detailed drawings of different minibeasts. The children have enjoyed going on bug hunts outside when the weather has been nice so that we could look in specific places to find certain minibeasts. 

We managed to collect some so that the children could look more closely at them in the classroom using the magnifyinig glasses. We painted stones as various minibeasts which have been displayed in the classroom with the homework of designing their own minibeast using junk modelling materials. 

In Literacy time we've shared various books by Julia Donaldson, The snail and the whale, Spinderella and Superworm. The children really enjoyed reading the books and after re reading they began to recognise which minibeasts featured in the story. We've also looked at non fiction books which have minibeasts in them and we've looked at the key features of these texts.

The children have done some lovely pieces of writing too during guided writing time. In particular one piece which answered the question 'Why does a snail carry it's home on it's back?'

Maths Week Reception 22.05.17-26.05.17


We've had a fantastic Maths week in Reception. We have had so many activities going on, some to reinforce learning whilst having lots of fun too!

Here are some of the activities we've been doing:

  • 2d shape pictures
  • Shape hunt 
  • Continued repeating patterns
  • Maths hats
  • Shape recognition
  • Time (matching times to clocks)
  • Position (Bee bots)
  • Sorting in different ways
  • Adding two 1 digit numbers
  • Number recognition and formation

These are just a selection of the areas of maths that we've been looking at this week during maths week. The children have loved all of the activities. They enjoyed taking part in their sponsored Mathathon mile!

We finished the week off with a visit from a pirate, she came to see if the children could help her find some treasure. Reception enjoyed having her to visit.

Maths Week Activities


Well done to all the Nursery who completed the sponsored Mathathon Mile.

In the classroom lots of other maths activities have been taking place too.

Who goes to the Ugly Bug Ball?


For our Summer 1 topic in Nursery we will be exloring the great outdoor and mini-beasts.

We are going to be reading some great books such as 'Superworm' By Julia Donaldson and 'The Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carlisle.

We have lots of fun activities to investigate this topic.

Caterpillar to Butterfly


Nursery have been watching the changes as our class caterpillars turn into Butterflies

Our New Funky Fingers Challenge area in Nursery


Developing our finger muscles is very important in Nursery as it helps us to hold a pencil correctly. We have developed a Challenge station in the classroom so that the children can explore differnt activities to develop these skills.

Richmond Seedlings and Nursery went on a trip to Tiny Town in Carlisle


Red Nose Day Fundraising in Nursery 2017


This Year the children made special Red Nose Pizza. We used different ingradients to make a funny face: 

Cheese hair,

Ham eyes,

peppers for the mouth,

tomatoes for the Red Nose,

and they were Yummy!

Nursery World Book Day 2017


Easter in Nursery


Easter open afternoon Nursery/Reception 29.03.17


We had a fantastic time in our Early years department for our Easter open afternnon. There was a range of Easter activities available for the children to do with parents. Refreshments were also available, they were absolutely delicious, some were made by the children in class whilst the others were donated by Lynne Jackson (parent.)

The afternoon was a huge success, the turnout was good and the children had lots of fun. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you for your continued support.

We've ended the week with 8 chicks! (10.03.17)


On Monday we seen the arrival of 10 eggs in our Early years department. We were all very excited to see what would happen as they lay in the incubator. On Wednesday we seen the arrival of our first chick. This was shortly followed by the arrival of 7 more consecutive chicks hatching yesterday, early hours of this morning and today.

The children have witnessed some of them hatching and we've tried very hard to keep excited parents & families updated too through Facebook live!

We left school today with 8 healthy chicks, they are fed, watered and clean. We look forward to beginning to let the children look after them next week.

We have a chick! (08.03.17)


This afternoon the children in Reception & Nursery seen the arrival of our first chick. The children were all very excited as they actually got to see the chick hatching from the egg. We managed to catch it on video too! We will keep you posted to let you know what happens next. Stay tuned.

Our chicks have arrived! (06.03.17)


Our eggs have arrived this morning in Reception/Nursery, we are going to be doing lots of activities based around the chicks (when they are hatched) whilst they are with us. 

We have them until Friday 17th March and possibly could follow their journey afterwards if any parents/relatives would like to rehouse any. If this is a possibility please contact Mrs Robinson or Miss Ostle.

We will keep you updated with their growth and development!

World book day 2017 (Reception)


We've had a great time in Reception for world book day. Everyone has made such a fantastic effort to dress as their favourite book character and we've been sharing our favourite books. Some of the children also swapped some of their books in the book swap and we even had the pleasure of Year 6 coming down to share Reception's favorite books with them. 

We covered lots of activities including story mapping 'Room on the broom' which was our class book as we've been focusing on Julia Donaldson. The children were doing guided writing, some were writing about their favourite characters whilst others were writing about their favourite part of 'Room on the broom.'

The children could make their own wand from the book and they coloured pictures. 

Pancake day (Reception)


Today in Reception we have been enjoying pancakes with lots of different toppings. We watched videos on shrove Tuesday and where it's name originated from.

The children had to write a list of ingredients, they coloured pictures, completed some maths around pancake day and we made a class tally of favourite toppings.

Nursery Pancake day


Spring term 2 (Reception)


We've got lots to look forward to this term!

Starting with Pancake day which falls nicely into fairtrade fortnight which we will be looking at in Reception.

We are also studying Julia Donaldson as part of our Author week, specifically concentrating on the book 'Room on the broom.'

Our topic this term is 'How do we make sense of the world' The topic focuses on our 5 sense and how we use our senses in everyday life to help us make sense of the world around us.


We will be going on sensory walks and learning about our 5 senses and how we use them everyday. We will look in depth at taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. We will keep you updated throughout the topic!

Do all people who help us wear uniforms?


This term Nursery have been learning about people who help us. Each week we have had a special visitor in school and provided children with different opportunities to explore this topic, making accessable activities for all to enjoy. Our weekly themes were based around the people who the children said were important in helping them as well as some that the adults thought the children should be made more aware of.

People who help us- Visitor photographs (Reception)


We've enjoyed having some visitors in this half term related to our topic about 'People who help us.'


I'd like to say a big thank you to Norman Reilly- Fireman

Lisa Steele- Special care baby nurse

Melissa Harrison- Dental nurse

The children really enjoyed learning about the different professions and why their services are so important to us.

Valentines day (Reception)


We celebrated valentines day in Reception by making cards, writing love letters, decorating cakes and wearing pink or red to come to school. We had a great day.

The children enjoyed decorating the cakes and even counted out their own marshmallows for the top.

Nursery Chinese New Year


2017 is the year of the Rooster.

In class we watched the story of 'The Great Race' which told us how the chinese year's were decided. We tasted Chinese food and used traditional resources in the role play area. In glitter we used brushes to draw chiense symbols and created pictures of a rooster in the art area. 

Stone Soup - Building Learning Power



The themes of Building Learning Power (BLP) Nursery have been practising are 'collaboration' (working together) and 'perservere'(keep trying). 

This term our story to support this was Stone Soup which is an old folktale. The children collaborated to create yummy vegetable soup and perservered as it was quite difficult chopping the veg.

Chinese New Year (Year of the rooster) Reception


28th January-15th February.

We have celebrated Chinese New Year in Reception by doing a range of different activities.

We watched videos about the customs and how it is celebrtaed in China. We coloured pictures, tried new foods and used our handprints to make the tail for the rooster.

Some of the foods we tried were:

  • Prawn crackers
  • Fried rice
  • Noodles
  • Sweet and sour sauce
  • Spring rolls
  • Pineapple fritters

Some of the children were trying these for the first time, we all enjoyed it and some even had seconds!!


Welcome back!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and are ready for the new term. 

This half term our topic is going to be 'People who help us.' During the topic we will be looking at the key questions:

Who do we ask for help?

How does the postman help us?

Do all people who help us wear a uniform?

Who wears a special uniform to go to work?

Why do we go to school?

Why is it important to have a doctors/hospital?


We will also be welcoming visitors in to help us understand why these services and people are so important to us.

Christmas jumper day 16.12.16


Thank you for wearing your Christmas jumpers and donating to a good cause. Have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year!

Nursery & Reception Christmas party 12.12.16


Nursery and Reception had a lovely time at their Christmas party. They played lots of games, pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps and had fun on the bouncy castle. Santa even came to visit and they all received a lovely gift. 

Children all received prizes during the party games and the day was finished off with some party food before home time!

Nativity 07.12.16


Nursery & Reception made us very proud at their Nativity. They have worked so hard to remember their lines and to join in with the singing. They put on a fantastic performance at the Church hall for the parents. We all had a lovely time. Well done to them all!

Whinlatter Reception 06.12.16


Reception & Nursery had a fantastic trip to Whinlatter. After our hot chocolate and biscuits on arrival, Reception enjoyed collecting their own natural resources from the forest to take back to the classroom to make their own Christmas decorations.

After lunch we then played on the outdoor adventure equipment which the children had so much fun on! Lastly we went back to the classroom to be given miniature trees to take home. We were also shown how to make mice, using some resources given to us to take home to make. 

We had a fun filled day and the children were extremely tired at the end!

Christmas Trip to Whinlatter Forest


The Children enjoyed our annual trip to Whinlatter Forest.

Nursery went on the Gruffalo Trail and made a mouse using Fern cones from the forest and other resources. The children also talked about the animals whom live in the forest and how they keep warm over winter.

Receception went on a hunt for natural resources to make Christmas tree decorations.

We all enjoyed Hot Chocolate and biscuits or Mince Pies, but I think the best fun was had on the adventure play equipment as there was lots of soggy children at home time.

Lunch Club


Nursery children can stay for lunch at a cost of £4 per day. This is a great chance for children to sample our school dinners and socialise with friends.

There is also the option to stay all day providing care and extra learning opportunities at a cost of £3 per hour if you exceed the Government 15 hours entitlement.

Children in need 2016 (Reception)


Today we had a lovely visit from Pudsey bear. The children were very excited and really enjoyed taking part in the assembly, where the whole school sang a song to him. 


Back in Reception we were decorating cakes, designing cup cakes and cutting out Pudsey and reassembling him to test our cutting skills! We enjoyed eating our cakes as part of our snack and we even uploaded our pictures to 'pudsey ourselves' on the Cbeebies website.

Children in Need 2016


Today the whole school had a special visit from Pudsey Bear

We were very excited to meet and sing to him.The nursery children made special Pudsey hats to wear. Back in the classroom we made some spotty crispy cakes to take home.

Remembrance day activities 11.11.16 (Reception)


As a mark of respect for Remembrance day we had a few activities going on in the classroom. The children could design their own medal for a soldier, they coloured poppy pictures and made their own poppy pebble. The pebble has the date on the back as a way to remember.

Our writing and numeracy journey (Reception- Nov-Dec 2016)


This half term in numeracy and writing we will be focusing on the following areas:


Our numeracy journey

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Counting and numbers
  • 3d shapes
  • Money
  • Length

and beginning to look at time.


Our writing journey

We will be continuing with our read, write inc programme which involves:

  • Recognising sounds
  • Letter formation
  • Blending and segmenting
  • Writing cvc words
  • An introduction to green words
  • An introduction to ditty books

In addition to this we will be continuing with independent writing, free choice writing and topic writing (supported and independent.)

Apple bobbing!


We had lots of fun in class apple bobbing for Halloween!

Nursery/Reception Halloween disco fun!


Nursery and Recepotion had lots of fun at their Halloween disco on Monday 31st October. They all made a fantastic effort to dress up in their scary outfits! We all played a variety of games including pass the parcel, donut limbo and trying to crack open the pumpkin pinata! We had lots of fun.

Welcome back! (Reception Nov-Dec 2016)


Welcome back after a lovely half term off. We are going to have a fun packed run up to Christmas!

We are starting off with our new topic which is 'Why do leaves fall on the ground in Autumn?'

We will be changing our role play area to a forest to recreate 'camping in the woods' there will be a tent, camp fire, leaves and a picnic basket for the children to enjoy this experience. 

We will be looking at Autumnal changes:

  • Making leaf hedgehogs
  • outdoor leaf hunt
  • Halloween activities 
  • Bonfire night activites (including painting, chalk, a variety of playdough for our bonfire night mats and other fun activities!)

(This will be added to as we go along)

Our writing and numeracy journey (Reception- Sept-Oct 2016)


Our writing journey

This half term we will be focusing on:

  • Letter recognition
  • Sounds
  • Letter formation
  • Name writing


Our numeracy journey

This half term we will be focusing on:

  • Number recognition
  • Ordering numbers
  • Number formation
  • 2d shape recognition

Science week (Reception-Sept 2016)


As we are focusing on the three little pigs and homes this half term,  for science week we are going to incorporate materials into our work. We will be looking at different materials and looking closely at the reasons they may be used for different things in our homes.


The children will have the opportunity in the sand tray to build homes using a variety of construction materials, on the carpet area they will be encouraged to make houses for princesses, animals and characters from familiar story books. They will be using duplo, lego, wooden blocks and plastic blocks.

Are our homes the same? (Reception Sept-Oct)


During this half term we will be looking at homes and whether they are all the same or how they may be different.

We are going to use the three little pigs as a starting point to introduce the topic.

We will be looking at materials and reasons for their uses, the rooms in our house and homes which belong to different animals. Along side this we will be using construction materials in our role play area to recreate a builders yard. The children will have writing opportunitites and will be encouraged to write receipts, lists of building materials and draw plans of homes/rooms.

Welcome Reception 2016 (Reception)


I'd just like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Reception. We are going to be very busy in and out of the classroom this term. I will keep you all updated of upcoming events and themes that we will be focusing on each half term. I look forward to getting to know you all!


Mrs Robinson 

Halloween Fun (NURSERY)


History week (NURSERY)


During History Week, the Nursery children explored our own history looking at a timeline of key events we have experienced so far.

  • birth
  • christenings
  • growth and development (movement)
  • special events such as parties

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (NURSERY)


After reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, the children explored different activities.

  • Police investigation role-play (what happen to the chair?)
  • Porridge tasting (and tally chart to record who likes/dislikes porridge?)
  • we made 'Bear Toast'
  • Bear sorting
  • Homes and houses

SEEDLING Toddler Group


Fortnighlty on Thursdays the Seedlings Toddler Group meet up for fun activities and begin their learning journey. In the comfort of our Nurturing environment, the children learn to socialise with each other as well as expolring the different activities on offer independently or with parent/carer's support. 

Parent/Carers have the opportunity to also socialise with other adults and talk to staff about our school or gain an insight into learning opportunities to try at home.


On some occasions, we invite outside professional to lead the session. This term 'Splats Messy Play' came into school to help us explore our senses. 

Our Nursery Learning Environment


Lunches and Additional hours


As you are aware Richmond Hill School offers 15 hours FREE funded Government hours for 3-4yr olds. 

However, I am now pleased to inform you that we have sucessfully established provision for Lunchtime at a cost of £4 each day, this does include a hot meal and adult supervision.

You also have the opportunity to purchase additional hours at a cost of £9 per 3hour session either in the mornings 8.40-11.40am or of an afternoon 12.30-3.30pm (this is over and above the 15 hours), meaning we can provide a full days care and learning package for your child.

Please find attached booking forms which can be handed into school. Alternatively you can contact Miss Ostle on 016973 20650

Nursery yearly overview


Please find attached some useful documents

  • Topic/Themes overview
  • Dates for diaries
  • Tappestry info (online learning journey documents)

New Nursery Starters September 2016


We've had a busy few weeks welcoming the new starters to Richmond Hill. The children who started last term have been super helpers. 

Nursery class of 2016


Well done to all the nursery children. We have had a fantastic year with lots of exciting opportunities. I hope you have enjoyed every minute as much as I have. We had a special visit from 'Ofsted' this year and during this visit the children did us proud! I would like to wish you all luck for your move to the Reception class whether this be at Richmond Hill or somewhere new. I hope I have prepared you well for the next set of challenges ahead.

This year the nursery children made their own Graduation hats. Hope you enjoy the photos, 

Miss Ostle 

Transition to Reception


Over a period of 4 weeks we stayed for lunch, to meet the midday supervisors and sample to school dinners.

Throughout the summer term we have been going onto the 'big yard' at playtimes to meet the older children in the school.

We have also met our new teacher, Mrs Robinson, she came to read us a story and we spent the morning in her class too.

Sports Week


The Nursery enjoyed activities related to different sports and learnt a little bit about the upcoming Olympics.

Nursery People who Help Us - 'Careers and Aspirations week'


As part of the school's Aspirations week, Nursery turned their classroom into lots of mini role-play areas. We enjoyed being a vet, farmer, construction worker (builder), police, fire and Ambulance person etc. We learnt all about the important jobs they do and how they each help us everyday.


The girls especially enjoyed two parent helpers who came to paint our nails, a big Thank you to Kirsty and Dan from Beautylicious Salon. 

Art Week


The Nursery have had a busy week developing their creative skills and exploring different arts and design work.

On Tuesday and Wednesday made pottery plates with the help of Cheeky Monkeys workshop and engaged in messy play with 'Splats' play.

Throughout the rest of the week we look at the artist 'Wessily Kandinsky' and made our own version of his pictures.

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations


The Whole School celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday with a special party. Everyone made a crown and wore Red, White and Blue clothing.

The morning children invited their families to join us and served them sandwiches, biscuits and cake that they made. 

The afternoon children joined the Reception children and Whole School outside. 

SEEDLINGS Toddler Group


This Thursday the Seedlings Toddler Group had fun decorating shortbread Biscuits. 

Maths Week 2016


Reception and Nursery have had a fantastic week in school, taking part in lots of different maths activities. They have been busy making shape hats, taking part in quizzes and making patterns. The children also took part in a Maths Trail, where they completed a range of different mathematical problems alongside parents. 

Summer term outdoors


This term we have been busy in the outdoors. The Nursery children have loved reading stories by Julia Donaldson, so when we went outside we went on a mini-beast hunt and then a farm animals hunt to look for characters from the story. We used clip board to tick off the animal we found and to keep a tally of how many...

Cooking activities


Throughout the Year the Nursery love to bake or make a variety of foods. This supports our understanding of the world around us and develops an understand of what is a healthy balanced diet. Some of the foods we make are foods we can have in moderation as part of our diet. Whilst we are baking we develop our physical skills, communication and language, mathematical measuring skills and our senses too. 

As part of the 'Superworm' story by Julia Donaldson we made mud pudding (which was maybe not the healthiest, but the tastiest!)

Seedlings Toddler Group and Messy play session


The Nursery children welcomed some speical visitors to our session, The Seedlings Toddler Group join us for some messy play with 'The Creation Station' Group. Gloria the art leader came into school to lead an arty session. Here are some of the Fun and messy play were got up to...

Easter Activities


This week we had fun participating in all our School Easter Traditions, the activities included:

Egg Decoration competition

Egg Hunt

Egg dump competition


Park Lodge Visit 18.03.16


We feel that it is important for children to play a role in their community and also learn about the communityy in which they live. Reception children worked hard as a class to write a letter to 'Park Lodge asking if it would be possible for Reception and Nursery children to visit and sing some songs. Park Lodge took the children up on there offer and worked hard in class baking cakes and learning some songs. Reception and Nursery children walked up to Park Lodge where they delivered the cakes which they had made and also treated the residents to some Easter songs. The children were fantastic and a credit to the school. Well Done. 

Church Visit 17.3.2016


Nursery and Reception went to Church to learn about the Easter story. We also explored the church looking at all the beautiful features. 

As the sun was shining we stopped off at the park on the way back to school. 

Fairtrade Week


For Fairtrade Week, the Nursery children made chocolate banana lollipops using Fairtrade Chocolate and Fairtrade Bananas. We talked about where bananas come from as many of us did not realise they grow on trees far far away in countries that are warmer than ours. 

World Book Week


This week Nursery have been busy with lots of activities for World Book Week. 


We had a visit from Emily a local story teller and then a visit from Becky who helped us perform some drama inspired by a book.

Emily told us a story about a Hat maker who loses all his hats.

Becky used the story 'What color is my World?' to help us use our imaginations to be different characters form the story.

On Thursday we dressed up as our favourite book characters too

We're going on a Bear Hunt...


Today in Nursery we went on a bear hunt. It was a beautiful day and we weren't scared! After reading the story with actions we talked about the sounds in the story. Then we had fun in the snow as we explored the sounds around us and used different resources to create sounds. This linked with our topic 'What makes a sound?' 

We're going on a Bear Hunt...

long wavy grass (swishy swashy)

deep cold river (splash splosh)

thick oozy mud (squelch squerch)

big dark forest (stumble trip)

swirling whirling snowstorm (whoo hooo)

a narrow gloomy cave (tiptoe tiptoe)


...some of the children re-enacted the story in the playgound too.


Reception Chinese New Year


In Reception we celebrated Chinese New Year. We learned about the 12 different Chinese Zodiac animals and why each year is named after a different animal. Reception also had a look at the different foods which people eat and they sampled lots of different foods. 

Nursery Pancake Day


Pancake Day in Reception


We have had a very exciting afternoon in Reception making pancakes. The children used lots of different ingredients to decorate their pancakes including lemon juice, sugar, syrup, raspberries and blueberries. They were a big hit and the children soon ate them up. 

Chinese New Year in Nursery


In Nursery we help the children broaden their understanding of the world. Over the last couple of days we have enhanced our classroom so that the children can explore the Chinese festival through a range of activities/areas of learning. We provide a range of activities so that the children can choose their choice of learning independently. 

We created a Chinese Restaurant, where Miss Dickinson took our orders and made some delicious food. The children enjoyed tasting

Egg fried rice

Sweet and Sour sauce

Chow Mein Noodles

and Prawn Crackers...

...And some children even licked the plates clean!

Pizza Express Daisy Visit


The Daisy group from Reception were lucky enough to visit 'Pizza Express', the children had a fantastic time and learnt lots about the ingredients needed to make a pizza. The children each got to make their very own pizza and added lots of different ingredients. The pizza's smelled delicious and the children throughly enjoyed them for their tea.

Read Write Inc :  file (234.6k)

The school follows the literacy/phonics scheme - Read Write Inc. 

The Nursery children have been busy learning letter sounds and linking them to words. 

Please download our useful information and leaflets to learn more. 

Spring Term in Nursery


We welcomed so new starters this term, who have all settled amazingly!

We made the role-play area into a Cafe. The children became 'drawing chefs', drawing pictures of their favourite foods and writing menus.

And enjoyed being outdoors!

Woodland Wednesdays Forest School


This half term in Forest Schools we have been learning about woodland animals that come out at night. We know these are called 'nocturnal' animals.

We have also been busy making bird feeders as we noticed that there are not many berries on the trees at the moment. 

Nursery Continuous Provision


We have recently made a couple of changes to our Nursery classroom. When observing the children we noticed that they do not access the Creative area and Book area as efficiently as they should. Children were not able to be independent learners when exploring these areas. Also by making these changes we have noticed the children use the writing area more independantly too as it is more accessible and inviting to them. We hope the children continue to enjoy the enhancements made and become sucessfull independent learners. 

Spring Topic for Reception


For the first half term Reception will be looking at the topic 'Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star, How I wonder what you are'. Within this topic the children will be looking closely at stars and when they come out. Linked to this the children will look at night and day and what different activities we do during night and day.

The children will also be looking at 'Star Costellations' and even having a try at making their own constellations, indoors and outdoors.

In our role-play area this half term we have a dark tent and torches, where children can use their immaginations to act out a trip to space to see the stars. 

Spring Topics :  file (151.5k)

Our Topic for the Spring Term is 'Where does day go at night?' and 'What makes a Sound?'.

We have lots of activities planned and we will keep you up to date with all our classroom learning opportunities by adding photos to the website and displays in class.

Please see our Newsletter here if you would like more information. 

Richmond Seedlings :  file (80.5k)

We have recently introduced a special session for younger enthusiastic learners to come an join us in our setting. We welcome Parents, Grandparents and other family members into the Nursery fortnightly on Thursdays with the younger children to explore our fantastic environment.

Please download our flyer for the dates.

Christmas Nativity 2015


Well done to all the children taking part in our Nativity this year. And those who were absent but worked hard practsing over the last few weeks. The staff are very proud of all the children.

Parent Reading Morning


The Nursery focus for our reading morning this term was 'Rhythm and Rhyme' which is an aspect from our phase one phonics. 

We enjoyed singing nursery rhymes, reading rhyming stories and sequencing the rhymes.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us. 

2 December 2015

Today we braved the winter weather and went to Whinlatter Forsest. The Nursery and Reception enjoyed activities led by Phil and his team, exploring the forest and using natural objects collected to make props for 'The Stickman' story by Julia Donaldson.

(attached is a poster to downlaod)

Children, staff and parents had so much fun, take a look at our photos.

A BIG thank you to all the parent helpers, we could not go on these great adventures without your support. 

Street Dance


Reception and Nursery children throughly enjoyed taking part in the street dance workshop and learned lots of new moves. The children then had a dance between the boys and the girls, both groups were amazing.  

Street Dance

Tuesday 1st December
Today all the children enjoyed a short session on Street Dance. It was the first time that Nursery has participated in a structured PE type session with a warm up, activities and cool down. They all did so well, all the staff were very impressed with them.
Well done

Scout, Our friendly Elf on the Shelf


Over the weekend we had a little visitor come into our classroom, sent by Santa Claus. 'Scout' the Elf will be in Nursery fom 30th Novemebr to 17th December to keep on which children will be on Santa's Naughty and Nice list.

He plays hide n seek every morning, and the children are having fun finding his secret hiding places. But remember not to touch him as we do not want his magic to disappear. You can still whisper your chistmas lists and make sure he is happy.

Christmas in Nursery


Some of the enhanced provision activities from the Nursery classroom this christmas.

  • Santa's Grotto role-play
  • cloud/snow dough and small world play
  • festive story books
  • playdough cookie making for santa
  • dressing up
  • santa's workshop construction - can you make the toys on santa's list?
  • decorate the tree
  • design wrapping paper - mark-making
  • write labels
  • write a list to Santa
  • the traditional nativity story - play set and books

We also have a special little visitor to Nursery, sent from Santa, so keep your eyes peeled. More info to follow soon....

We hope everyone enjoys the festive season 

Run, Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man!


The Nursery have loved the story of the Gingerbread man. We had lots of enhanced provision this week relating the the story but this was the best...

Christmas Craft Afternoon


Reception children took part in lots of christmas activities alongside their parent's and grandparent's. The children decorated gingerbread christmas trees, made rudolph christmas cards and also made christmas baubles. The children really enjoyed the afternoon and made lots of fantastic crafts. 

Christmas Craft Morning


Nursery welcomed their families into class this week to help make some christmas crafts. Thank you to everyone, we hope you enjoyed it, as we all did.


Sponsored Sports Event


Well done everyone!

Upcoming Events :  file (27.3k)

The next few weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy with lots of exciting opportunities for the children. Our leaflet will be a handy reminder of all the events planned leading up to Christmas.

Thank You

Celebrating Festivals


We celebrate festivals from our culture as well as learning about those which are celebrated by others. 

  • Harvest
  • Halloween
  • Bonfire Night
  • Diwali - We made Diyas (Diva Lamps), Barfi Sweets, Mendi Hand patterns, coloured Rangoli patterns and experimented with spices to create our own recipes in the home corner.
  • Christmas
  • Chinse New Year
  • Mothers and Fathers Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day
  • Easter

Pizza Express


The Poppies visited Pizza Express, where they were able to make their very own pizza's. The children throughly enjoyed the morning and came away very excited and full of lots of interesting facts. The children started by molding their dough into a pizza base. They then added the tomato sauce onto their base along with a range of toppings. 

Children In Need


Children In Need is one of our school's chosen charities. The children came dressed as superheroes and enjoyed participating in a range of activities. The children made Pudsey headbands complete with ears and also made mini superheroes. Another activity the children enjoyed was decorating biscuits. However, the children said the best part was eating them. 


Halloween Activity Day


The whole school hosted a Halloween activity session. Parents, Grandparents and other family members came into school to help make some crafts and play games. 

Wellies Wednesday


Each week we plan enhanced provision using our fabulous school field, which is additional to our outdoor provision.

We talk about the sounds we hear when outside, the changing seasons and look for clues of how we know it is a particular season.

In Autumn we collected leaves that had fallen from the trees, then sorted them in the different colours. We used the parachute to simulate the wind blowing the trees.

Also this term our activities are centred around the book 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. This is a brilliant book to engage the children's imagination and get creative outdoors. 

We have made homes, dens and nests for each of the animals in the story. 

Play dough


We love play dough in nursery!

Dough Gym is a very effective activity for children who really need to work on their upper body and gross motor development. Children in our setting develop hands, fingers and grip by manipualting the dough in differetn ways, this in turn supports their ability to hold tools such as pencils correctly when writing. It also provides a good oportunity for imaginative play in the home corner. 

The children also help make the play dough, measuring and mixing the ingredients.

The Rainbow Fish


The Nursery have been learning about our school rules/expectations and British Values through the story of the Rainbow Fish. We used the story to discuss feelings and friendships and developed many art/craft skills too.

The children have enjoyed exploring colour patterns using beads and making rainbow toast, Yummy!

Richmond Hill welcomes new nursery starters


Macmillan Coffee Morning 2015

Posted: 25th Sep 2015

Today in class the children decorated cakes ready to hold our 'Class Coffee Morning'. The children used different flavoured icing including chocolate, orange and lemon. As a class the children enjoyed our  'Coffee Morning' where they tucked into the delicious cakes, juice and fruit. 

Some of our learning enviroments


Mexican Day


We had a Mexican Day in Reception, where parents were invited into school to work alongside their children. The adults and children carried out lots of different maths activities, including playing bingo, building towers, drawing numbers, making patterns and playing dominoes. The adults then joined the children in the hall for their Mexican lunch, which consisted of chilli, rice, tortillas and salsa. Both parents and children really enjoyed sharing this experience and also parents commented on how they had enjoyed seeing their child settled into school life. 

Welcome to Reception


Welcome to Reception

What a fantastic first week we have in Reception. The children have been participating in lots of activites including music, forest schools and going on a hunt outside to find some natural resources to make pictures. We have been very lucky with the weather this week and the children have been working outside and exploring the new resources.  

How can you help at home?


Download our leaflets, they have some practical activities you can explore at home.

Other ways you can help, why not sign up to be a Parent helper!



 : Word file (67.1k)

In the early Years we endeavour to provide a happy, safe and engaging environment. We support children to be prepared for their school life.

In RHPS children:

·         Are confident and happy to be in school for a number of hours without seeing a parent or carer, so that they develop into independent learners

·          Are curious about the world and have a desire to understand more/learn

·          Have strong social skills to interact well and become good communicators

with other children and adults

·         They take risks in the comfort of familiar surroundings

·         And are respectful to everyone and everything

·         Have high levels of well-being and involvement in activities with the setting

Our provision provides children with the opportunity to become independent learners. At RHPS we are passionate about making learning fun for every child and their personal development, interests and fascinations. Children at RHPS make good progress because we are a team, children and adult work together to learn in a fun and interactive way. We have high expectations and challenge children’s individual needs. 

The staff in our setting are good role models and not only develop children’s learning and language skills but also promote British values.

What do we mean by British values?

What does this provision look like?

·         We respect the beliefs and cultures of others




Throughout the year we learn about and celebrate different festivals, such as those in our lives and those celebrated by others. E.g. Birthdays, weddings, christenings, Harvest, Halloween, Divali, Christmas, Easter...

Opportunities are regularly planned for visitors to come into school and visits off site in the local community.

In nursery we have a thinking chair so that children can have some time-out to think about their actions and how they affect others.

·         We know we are all special


·         We treat everyone equally


·         We understand right from wrong


·         We understand and respect the roles of people who help us


·         We understand the consequences of our actions


·         We listen to and respect other people’s opinions and values


·         We try to help other people



What to Expect, When? : Adobe Acrobat file (1654.8k)

What to Expect, When?

This document explains the Early Years Curriculum objectives and gives parents an idea of the stages of development a 'typical' children may display through play based learning. 


Please download the leaflet which explains our curriculum



Our early years children have been able to access forest schools again this year. The children get wrapped up warm and go out into the big, exciting forest and have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and take part in lots of different activities. The children also have a delicious hot chocolate and a biscuit!

Forest schools is something we are really proud of at Richmond Hill and we will hopefully be rolling this out to other classes next year.

The Early Years is currently made up of 20 Reception children and 27 Nursery children.

In Reception we have a full time Teacher and a full time Teaching Assistant who support the children. Each adult is responsible for a Key Worker group.

Blue Owls - Mrs Vailionis

Green Owls - Miss Coles

The Nursery children are supported by a full time Teacher and two part time Teaching Assistants; nursery also have a key worker system:

Kangaroos - Miss Ostle

Monkeys - Miss Dickinson and Miss Baxter

Funky Fingers


Many children nowadays come to school struggling to hold a pencil and cannot recognise (and write) their name. As these children are not developmentally ready to write, they need Dough Gym/funky fingers activities (fine motor skills) to help strengthen the important core and hand muscles. It is a daily physical intervention that combines the use of large pieces of dough with a series of hand and finger exercises or activities where the children need to manipulate objects.  These strengthen and develop children’s fine and gross motor dexterity, hand-eye  co-ordination, proprioception, balance, low load control, grip and most importantly, their self-esteem! It is fast-pace, good fun and done in time to music.

Autumn Term - Who lives in my house?


We began the Autumn term learning about ourselves and our families in the topic ‘Who lives im my house?’ The children loved the traditional story tale of  Goldilocks and the Three Bears  where we became fully emerged in the story through the role-play area, sequencing activities, cooking porridge and other activities. 

We talked about the different celebrations within our culture and then planned a party for Goldilock's birthday.


Maths through Play (continuous provision)


We have been working hard to develop our classroom practice and enhance the mathematical development for all children in our setting. The classroom is an exciting and vibrant area where children can freely explore mathematical concepts. 

Nursery/Reception experiements


Where possible we plan activities related to the childrens interests. The main interest this term for the majority of the children is 'FROZEN' the film. Linking this to the Reception topic (Why is it always cold?), we carried out an experiemnt to see which liquids would freeze?

We tested a few liquids that we use or see around our homes. we made some predictions on post it notes. From our previous experiences and the tests we found out that water, milk, coke, and fairy washing up liquid do freeze, but cooking oil and the hand gel did not. Afterwards we had fun making ice lollies.

After learning about polar bears we investigated how they keep warm by making a 'glove' containing lard and putting our hands in a bucket of ice. We couldn't feel the cold! Polar bears have blubber beneath their fur.



Remembrance Day

Posted: 12th Nov 2014


The Early Years children took part in several activities related to Remembrance Day. We created poppy pictures using different media such as paint, collage materials and mark-making resources. We also participated in a circle time thinking about people who help us and people who have helped us in the past. 

Christmas decorations


On the afternoon of November 27th we had a really busy and creative afternoon making Christmas decorations. Some of our parents were able to come and join in with all the cutting, sticking, colouring and glitter.

Spring Term Topic


Do all people who help us wear a uniform?

This topic will support children to talk and learn about our local community and the people who help us. (Understanding the World)

Other planned learning will include:

·        Read Write inc. Phonics - Letter sounds

·        Initial handwriting skills

·        Mathematics skills involving concepts of number (counting), shape space and measure (size, length, weight)

·        Being healthy – foods and The effects exercise has on our bodies


On Friday 20th March 2015 we took Nursery outside to watch the Solar Eclipse. All of the children were very excited to see this spectacular event.

We acted out the this special event so the children would have a better understanding of what was happening.

Spring term trip to WatchTree Nature reserve


Our topic for spring 2 was 'Who goes to the ugly bug ball?' We used our fabulous school field to hunt for mini-beasts and make bug hotels. Then furthered our learning by visiting WatchTree Nature Reserve where the Rangers helped us to pond dip and hunt for different kinds of mini-beasts. 

At the end of our topic we made mini-beast snacks and have a picnic. 

Learning outdoors is fun!




As a school we teach the philosophy of 'Building Learning Power' from Nursery to Y6

Daily Learning


Maths trail


The early years had a great turn out for our summer maths trial. Parents and other family members joined us for an afternoon of maths fun, exploring our indoor and outdoor environment, following the maths clues and answering questions relating to all areas of mathematical development. 

Summer transition


The Nursery children had the opportunity to stay for lunch.  They enjoyed sampling a range of hot meals in prepartion for september. There was empty plates all round Yum, yum!

End of year celebrations